Visiting Florida? Hurricane Safety Resources & Information

Here’s a list of Resources and Tips for anyone staying in Florida during the hurricane season. Being prepared is the best way to stay safe while visiting Florida.

We always can’t anticipate the weather or natural disasters. If you’re staying in Florida and a hurricane happens to arrive, here are some tips and information to keep you & your family safe.

  • Stay indoors: If you’re an adventure seeker and may be curious to see the impressive power of a hurricane, do not go outside until weather services have reported the hurricane has cleared the area.
  • Keep away from windows: Watching the hurricane may be tempting, however, stay clear from standing or sitting in front of the windows.
  • Get water and non-perishable snacks: You probably have some of these supplies on hand, make sure you get extra. According to FEMA, one gallon per person, per day for 3 days is adequate. For other tips and information use the resource below.

Florida Emergency Hotline

Florida Emergency Information 24-hour Hotline


For Real Time Alerts Sent Directly to Your Phone

Text "FLPrepares" to 888777 to receive Alert Florida notifications.

For Updates on Storm Information

See maps, outlooks and forecasts for any hurricane around the United States.

National Hurricane Center:

Division of Emergency Management for Florida

This site will give you updates on toll suspensions, transportation information

For Up-to-Date Traffic Information

This site will give you minute to minute data on traffic condition, accidents, road closings, and construction will live access to traffic cameras. Covers all major Florida metropolis areas.

You can also download an app for Android and Mobile devices for Drive Mode with interactive traffic map three door-to-door routes provided per destination